Portland Trading Post

portland trading post

Join us for the monthly Portland Trading Post swap event on the second Sunday of each month!

Inspired by similar events from around the country – and the success of our recent plant and preserved food swaps – Trading Post events are free and open to all.

Plants, seedlings, seeds, preserved or fresh produce, hand-made items, etc. are all welcome at Portland Trading Post. The main idea is that we are “gifting” things to each other in a way that turns whatever we have in abundance into a diversity of goodness and good will while we learn what’s possible from one another.

Because we are an educational organization, the primary role of the Trading Post events is to learn from each other about things like gardening, canning and making things!  We are actively seeking to combine workshops and skill-sharing events with each of our upcoming Trading Post events.

The only rules are:

  • No cash changes hands.
  • Don’t start the gifting until everyone’s there and has a chance to look around at what’s on offer (about 15-20 minutes after the posted start time).
  • You can simply “gift” things to each other without taking a return item. Your choice.
  • Make sure you’ve found a home for all your stuff before you leave (or take home what hasn’t been gifted).
  • If you bring a food item with multiple ingredients, please label it.

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