Applied Residential Permaculture Internship

2015 “Eat the Suburbs” Portland-Area Permaculture Internship

(1/2 Day per Week) May through September

Village Farme permaculture homestead seeks 2 to 3 interns who would like to gain hands-on experience with permaculture systems in a residential / small farm setting in Southern Maine.

Time commitment:  This internship is for a standing 1/2 day per week (Wednesday afternoons approx noon to 4:30 or 5pm) from May through September (longer if desired).

 The site:  The internship is based on a 1/3 acre residential/mini farm property approximately 3 miles from downtown Portland Maine (.5 miles from public transportation).  The site is in year 9 of implementing a permaculture design which aims to support the residents in a) getting off of fossil fuels, b) maximizing edible yields and healthy ecosystems and c) being good neighbors and a demonstration site for residential permaculture.

The work:  This intern will work with the homeowners (Lisa Fernandes & David Whitten) on various residential and small farm scale permaculture implementation projects such as (but not limited to) soil building, rain water catchment and water systems, no-dig food production, small livestock management and nutrient cycling, perennial food production systems (pruning, propagation, etc.), season extension and four-season production systems, harvesting & preservation, renewable energy systems and other “post-carbon” strategies.  The work will vary from week to week.

The exchange:  This is unpaid (in terms of cash) but the intern can expect to gain practical experience on a real permaculture site and learn from seasoned practitioners while “on the job.”  The internship will start with articulating some goals for the season and proceed on a weekly basis from there.  College credit could be arranged on an as-needed basis.

Intern attributes:  Physical ability for moderately heavy garden and homestead tasks, excellent communication, positive attitude and dependable.  Some gardening or other “trades” (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.) skills helpful but not required.  Having taken an Intro to Permaculture course or Permaculture Design Course (full course) also helpful.

To Apply:  Email a letter of inquiry (with resume if you have it) to    Rolling Deadline – send us your info and we’ll respond within two weeks!  

Interested in Permaculture Design and/or Organizing?  We are also open for a more office/field organizing/designing intern situation as well.  Contact us for details.