Share Office Space in Portland with Resilience Hub & Tool Library

Updated August 2018

The Resilience Hub, based in the East Bayside Neighborhood of Portland, is looking for a person/organization that would like to have a really nice space to work in Portland for the next 6-12 months (negotiable).  We are not using all of our space to its fullest right now while we are in a redesign phase and one of the rooms (the “cave”) is ideal for getting work done, meeting with clients, having a basecamp in Portland, etc.


  1. Workstation area (approx 24sf) and attached small meeting space (approx 200sf)* (all locked away from the common area when not being used)
  2. Ceiling-mount for projector if needed.
  3. 24h access to the “cave” and common spaces.
  4. Includes heat, internet, trash/recycling/compost pickup.
  5. Common area (shared with Resilience Hub & Maine Tool Library) with bathroom, “kitchenette” area for coffee/tea service, refrigerator.
  6. Off-street parking outside front door included; additional street parking if needed.
  7. No-stairs – suitable for a person with mobility differences.
  8. Evening and weekend use possible based on a shared calendar system with other users of the space.
  9. We all share in some light cleaning & keeping the door free of snow when applicable.

*Meeting space is directly attached and open to the workstation desk area.  Suitable for client meetings or for groups of up to 5-6 people.  Photos are shown with our current furnishings. We can move those out or you can borrow them for your own use.

Requested contribution (we can write up a memo with agreements) is $300/month.

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