2016 Maine Permaculture Day Activities

bef & aft- front 2Thank you to everyone around Maine who has offered to host an open house or other events for 2016 Maine Permaculture Day!  This is a distributed and decentralized way to share some of the things that are happening in the Maine permaculture world with each other and those who are curious.

Maine Permaculture Day is August 20th!

If you are new to permaculture, perhaps do a bit of reading before heading out! Remember that permaculture is a design method and set of strategies that expresses itself differently on every site!  And it’s also important to note that one permaculturist’s aesthetics can be different than the next…so even if something looks too “tidy” or more “wild” than you might prefer, there is still probably some great learning for you in that site!

If you’re in Southern Maine, don’t forget to join us for some social time and a screening of “Inhabit” at the Urban Farm Fermentory in Portland Saturday evening!


  1. Please know that this is not a “manicured garden tour” type of event! These are often working landscapes and works-in-progress.  Your hosts may be only a year or two into implementing a 5 or 10-year plan for their site.  The idea here is to stimulate connection and conversation.  What are the goals of the site? What elements are supporting that?  What has worked well?  What was challenging?  What was surprising?
  2. In some cases, event hosts and organizers have given parking guidance for you to follow (in the directory listings if applicable).
  3. The open house hosts may or may not have their bathrooms available for use so the best practice would be to attend to those needs prior to arriving at someone’s place.

Click here for a printable directory of open houses and events (sorted by zip code).

Click here for a smartphone formatted web page .

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