Here are some of the testimonials we have received on PDC course evaluations, shared with permission of the students themselves.  There are additional student comments about online vs. in-person permaculture courses available here.

“This course was enriching, enlightening and exciting. I really enjoy the class, my classmates, and teachers. Although generally, I’m a quiet person, all of my friends and family knew what I was up to, because I couldn’t stop talking about soil, design, trees, plants, sustainability and beyond sustainability. Lisa and Jesse make an awesome team !! they are wonderfully engaging, knowledgeable, and fun. I learned some new skills, deepened my knowledge about ecological design and made some friends who like to play in the dirt…it’s all good.” (Lisa Lachance, 2017)

“I would recommend this course because it broadened my scope, understanding, curiosity, optimism and virtue. I feel more empowered after going through the lectures and hands-on lessons/projects. My curiosity was deep before and now it is deeper but guided. I can have a more intelligent conversation with my neighbor or offer up guidance and sources to help empower my neighbor. Lisa and Jesse are wicked smaht awesome people. They will bring a great experience to your life. You will understand that if you do one thing with your life, build soil… and you will be a friend to all.” (John Tomadakis, 2017)

“The Resilience Hub PDC course far surpassed all of my expectations. So much information was packed into every single weekend – from general permaculture theory, design process, movie nights, field trips and guest speakers to tactical, hands-on “dirt time” and the final design exercise bringing everything together. Lisa and Jesse possess extensive knowledge on so many subjects. Their graciousness, humor and generous spirit helped set the tone for deep learning and connecting with other students on the same path towards earth and societal repair. I can not recommend the program highly enough.” (Anne Brown, Boston 2017)

“I’ve taken online Permaculture courses and some in-class courses. This was not only the best Permaculture related course I’ve taken but by far my best classroom experience in any setting. What stands out the most in the design of the course is the incredible attention paid to the form, protocol, and people care built into it at every point. Lisa and Jesse taught a wealth of amazing content. More than that, it was evident that we as students were benefiting from a process refined over many years meant to ensure the best learning, growing and connecting environment I could have ever imagined. I am still in awe of the seamless balance struck between the need to impart and convey required course information and the fostering of group discussions aided by Lisa’s masterful ability to ensure the environment was safe for everyone to contribute. I had never before been so struck by the form of a class and how big of an impact an intelligently and compassionately designed course could make. The result of this was an emergence of natural relationships, formed naturally, yet stewarded into being by Lisa’s mindful approach. I knew I would leave the class with a Permaculture Design Certificate. What I didn’t expect was to gain a new family. I would and will recommend this course over and over and look forward to other opportunities and services offered by the Resilience Hub.” (Geoff Knudsen Grateful Student Permaculture Designer 2016)

“Not only would I recommend this course, I am already recommending this course. Lisa and Jesse make such an excellent team: creating space for deep connection, conversation, exploration and learning while balancing that with lightness, humor and activity. A great mix of hands-on skill-building and intellectual design and technique development. Taking permaculture to other levels and involving multiple disciplines was really valuable as well, and I appreciate the time that was given to social permaculture.” (Jillian 2016)

“I feel like I now have information and an understanding of processes that support and empower me to apply permaculture principals to many aspects of my life. From the thoughtful use of energy to healthy soil development, alternative building, planting an edible landscape, working in groups and collaborating with others. This course has greatly expanded my framework of how people can make changes that have long-reaching multiple positive impacts. I feel I can live intentionally, creatively, dynamically and in the community . I highly recommend this class!”  (Valerie Courville, 2016)

“Lisa and Jesse make for a dynamic, synergistic, at times tender, at times fierce facilitator team. Their experience and level of understanding of permaculture concepts, group dynamics, and logistics organizing is obvious from beginning to end. The content itself is foundational. I would recommend this to every single person I know – each individual has as much to gain from this experience as they do to contribute to the learning of others in the course, and to the greater permaculture world. Each individual’s participation and learning are celebrated. If you are seeking to enrich your understanding of the world we live in, participate in an engaged and thoughtful community, and contribute in some way to something good, please take this course.” (Myra 2016)

“This class has an incredibly optimistic way of looking at change in our environment, community building, self-examination and how these things relate to our food, health, and our impact on the Earth. The design aspect of this course is astonishingly thorough, looking at patterns in nature, finding the relationships between plants, animals and humans, while creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes that can feed you, your family and your community. I recommend this course because the wisdom to gain is something that will change your outlook forever, you will have the tools to address a broad spectrum of modern issues, you will connect with people who will support your aspirations and causes. Lisa and Jesse are exceptional teachers who aren’t afraid to push the envelope, make you laugh, and keep it real.” -(Olivia Turrell 2016)

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who yearns to delve deeply into permaculture principles, ethics and practical hands-on experience. Lisa and Jesse create a nurturing educational environment while disseminating their vast knowledge in a humorous yet deeply profound manner. The feeling of service and gratitude was palpable. I am deeply honored and humbled to have been a part of such a life-changing experience. Thank you!” (Natalie Olson 2016)

“I would enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend this course taught by Lisa and Jesse. It was broad, comprehensive, fun and funny, interactive and very responsive to different learning styles and personalities. Be prepared to work yet be prepared to be inspired.” (Renee, May 2015)

“This entire experience has been phenomenal. Not only would I recommend this course, I already have. I am so grateful to have found the meetup and this class. I learned tremendous amounts about permaculture, the dynamics of the universe, and teaching. So many things from the class resonate with me on a daily basis, and I am sure they will continue to do so into the future. The learning environment, first-hand experience, diverse group and yummy food all contributed to a learning experience that I looked forward to every month. Thank you.” (Sarah Bryan)

“I thought the teaching/facilitation was terrific. Lisa and Jesse and guest speakers had a huge amount of experience and knowledge that was well-communicated and they could answer just about any question asked of them with a lot of insight! They were also very skilled facilitators, always keeping the discussion moving in the right direction without limiting input. Also kudos to Lisa and Jesse for skillfully restructuring the course when we missed a weekend due to bad weather.” (May 2015)

“This course was a metamorphic experience. I now look at the world through green-colored glasses, seeing opportunity for permaculture-inspired resilience wherever I go. I expected to learn permaculture principles and techniques through the instructor(s), and did, far above and beyond what I anticipated. Lisa also included many moments of focus on our individuality and our group, grounding us within the permaculture knowledge flow. I learned so much from the other students as well and was inspired by the broad range of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and potluck options (!) that were brought to the circles. I’m sad to see it end, but am excited at the same time, knowing I have a fully stocked permaculture knowledge base for things like making swales this weekend! Life changing. World changing.” – Melanie Wehrwein

“I would recommend this course because not only does it expose those who participate to the philosophy, principles, and techniques of Permaculture, but also you will learn in a nurturing and joyful environment.” (Rael G.)

“It is tremendous and life altering and revolutionarily simple in it’s brilliance and because you discover the tools within you to create the change that you know must happen in this great big beautiful injured world.”(Sarah Bostick)

“It game me a much deeper appreciation of permaculture principles and some really valuable hands on practical skills that I could implement immediately. The material was always clear, well-organized, and relevant. Overall, it was a great experience.” (Tom Beckley)

“This course has offered me more than I could’ve imagined. I went into this course thinking I was going to learn about landscapes and design as though they were elements separate from myself. But what I’ve come to understand is that the landscape starts from within ourselves, our zone “zero zero”. In order for us to be effective units of change on the outside we need to understand what is happening on the inside. And this course has allowed me to reach in and acquire the tools I need, in order to lead a life with a clear path and a directed intention, in which my outside landscape will inevitably feel the positive ripple. Truly ‘whole systems thinking.’” – Dave Schroeder

“It was the perfect combination of the social and economic concepts of permaculture, the actual design process, and permaculture planting, landscaping and building techniques. So much information was presented through a nice variety of formats, and there was plenty of time for getting to know the other students and soak in the knowledge and experience each person was bringing to class. My time in this course was filled with unexpected “aha!” moments and so much of what I learned and was exposed to has impacted my life in ways I never could have expected. This course has changed the way I see the world and how I want to spend my time in it. Not to mention all of the concrete skills I’ve acquired. I started this class with very little knowledge of gardening, building, or landscaping, and now I feel equipped to design, plant and implement permaculture systems on my own property as well as others.” – Kate Bathras

“Permaculture is an amazing skill set to have as we move forward into a world where fossil fuels will be more scarce, where we need to re-learn to rely on each other and work together as a community, where we can come together to teach each other skills old and new, and where we will need to be growing more of our own food close to home and relying more on earth’s natural abundances rather than borrowing from our children’s and grandchildren’s futures. Lisa is an amazing, eloquent, incredibly knowledgeable, and skilled teacher, as well as a wonderful resource. Her passion for working together as a community instead of approaching our uncertain future from a fear-based attitude of lack is inspiring, and something we can all learn from. I can’t recommend this course more highly. I feel like it was worth many times what we paid for it, and I am so incredibly grateful to have had this experience, grown my permaculture community, and to have a new skill set to put into practice so that I can go on to help others myself. A thousand thank-you’s- It was truly phenomenal!!!”  (Hannah Fogg, Pownal, ME PDC member Winter 2011-2012)