Southern Maine GardenShare

maine gardenshareWant to garden but don’t have the space?  Have some space but don’t have the time or the ability to garden?

Southern Maine GardenShare to the rescue!

Very simply, this is a service that matches up neighbors who will mutually benefit from a gardener-garden owner relationship.  We collect information about potential garden owners with space and gardeners seeking space and, through a process of “match-making” and introductions, an arrangement is made for the growing season (renewable, of course!).  Typically the garden owner receives a portion of the garden produce (generally 1/5 to 1/4) in exchange for offering the use of their space.

Project Status:  We are piloting this program with a small number of gardeners & garden owners in 2012 with full launch expected in 2013.  Would you like to collaborate and grow this program?  Contact us to talk!

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers Coming Soon!):

How will Garden Owners and Gardeners find each other?

What kinds of people offer their gardens/yards for use?

What kind of garden/yard is suitable for this program?

What else does a Garden Owner need to do or make available?

What if the Gardener hurts her/himself while on my property?

Can we apply to be Gardeners as a couple/pair?

What is the expected time commitment/experience level of Gardeners?

What happens at the end of the growing season?