Master Home Composters

Dozens of states support Master (Home) Composter training programs and “Train-the-trainer” programs.  We hope Maine will be the next!  Creating a network of trained compost educators distributed across our communities will create many benefits such as:

  • diverting heavy – and, therefore, expensive – organic matter out of our municipal waste streams
  • turning clean organic matter into a useful and highly fertile garden product
  • providing myriad learning opportunities for adults and children alike about how to maintain the health of our soil food web
  • Plus, composting is a gateway to gardening!  When done well, composting is easy, clean and smells like soil!

Project status:  The Resilience Hub is seeking 1-2 project partners to launch a pilot “Train-the-trainer” program in Southern Maine.  The graduating Master Home Composters would fulfill a volunteer requirement, much like Master Gardeners, by helping others compost their kitchen and yard waste effectively.