Permaculture Designers Guild

The Resilience Hub invites permaculture designers to connect, collaborate and develop their practice of permaculture design while increasing the effectiveness of our work toward Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

A proposed Maine Permaculture Designers Guild would be made up of Maine-based permaculture designers, educators and activists/organizers.

The Benefits of a Guild

By guilding together, members could create benefits such as:

  1. Listing in a local Permaculture Designers Directory.
  2. Shared marketing and outreach.
  3. Automatic membership in the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast?
  4. Access to a members-only forum for sharing best practices around design, business management, business opportunities and peer-to-peer problem-solving.
  5. Referrals and collaboration for team design projects.
  6. What other benefits and forms of mutual aid could a Guild create?

Who might be eligible for Guild membership?

Individuals who …

  • Have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate Course and, possibly, an Advanced Design Course
  • Live in Maine for at least part of the year
  • Have experience creating permaculture designs for stakeholders or clients other than themselves (although we have a membership category for Design Apprentices who would like to gain work experience on live projects for a year before obtaining full membership in the Guild)
  • Are earning or seeking to earn part of her/his livelihood from providing permaculture design services
  • Embrace the collaborative model
  • Commitment to a set of Guild ethics and standards, to be formulated by the founding members
  • Are committed to attending regular meetings to discuss opportunities ahead and the role of the Guild

If this idea excites you, let’s get together!