Permaculture for Maine Farms

Either you already have a farm or farm business or you are thinking about having one.

Regardless of your current status as a market grower, aspiring farmer, part-time farmer or homesteader, working with a permaculture designer can harmonize your life and business goals with the actual site conditions (both assets and challenges) on the ground at your farm.

Permaculture is a design method first and foremost.  It complements other farm business planning tools such as Whole Farm Planning, Holistic Management, certified organic production, and biodynamic production.

Use Permaculture Design to get to your goals.

Staff at The Resilience Hub have a range of growing experience themselves and training in Keyline Design, Regrarians Platform planning/design (Holistic Management Influenced), business design, food systems design, silvopasture, agroforestry and related disciplines.  Permaculture design can compliment and strengthen the support you are getting from NRCS or other Ag service providers.  We are also available to help craft projects for consideration under SARE funding.

Engage a Resilience Hub designer to help…

  • Make the most of your farm assets and attributes
  • Turn problems into solutions
  • Ensure the most efficient use of natural and human-made “capital” on your farm property
  • Plan for a resilient homestead and mitigate vulnerabilities in your farm business plan
  • Create a farm Master Plan that can be used to strengthen grant applications and raise funds for farm operations and infrastructure.

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