PDC Sliding Scale

Given the true cost of running a high-quality educational event, we understand the tuition can seem significant – and even a stretch!  In addition to a number of ways you can reduce your cost to attend a Resilience Hub PDC, we also offer a Sliding Scale Tiered Tuition based on your household income.

TIER #1 PDC Tuition:  $1,050 Early / $1,150 Regular – For lower income households who are un/underemployed or have other financial challenges.

TIER #2 PDC Tuition: $1,350 Early / $1,450 Regular – For slightly higher income households; represents the true cost of tuition.

TIER #3 PDC Tuition: $1,475 Early / $1,575 Regular – For households that are experiencing abundance in the form of financial resources.

The “Early” tuition prices quoted here are based on payment in full 8 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Household Income Chart to Determine Your Tier








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