PDC “Homework”

For lack of a better word, you will have a chance to complete some “homework” (Yay!) between class weekends.  We encourage all course participants to do the homework assignments in order to deepen their understanding of the material we have covered – and will be covering – in class.

One of the benefits of a weekend-format PDC is that you get the opportunity to let your class learning “sink in,” notice the progression of the seasons, and dive a bit deeper with the readings, exercises and videos.

Each homework assignment, sent by email to the class, consists of four parts (as outlined below) and can probably be completed in a total of 3-4 hours.

  1. Practice Design Exercises to do at home or on a property of the student’s choice.  These exercises are designed as “bite-size” parts of the larger design process that we teach and, if completed, will result in a substantial amount of design work being done for the student’s desired home site.  Course facilitators are available to review each student’s home design exercises to help keep things on track.  These activities might include things like goal-setting, base mapping, site observation practices, site surveying and measuring, research, draft design sketches and more.
  2. Readings from the two recommended course textbooks or articles provided in PDF form.
  3. Specific videos (chosen for quality or relevance to class topics) available for free viewing online.  The videos we watch together during class are generally ones NOT available online.
  4. “Optional Extras” are suggested for those who have time to go down the rabbit hole and learn more!  We suggest videos and reading to enhance your learning even more.

For those who are receiving financial support via GI Bill or other programs, we can arrange to review all homework assignments and check for proficiency along the way to meet educational and funding program goals.