PDC Design Projects

This is a Permaculture Design Course so it is important that you get a chance to learn and practice design skills and a design process.  The Resilience Hub team not only provides professional design services to more than 50 clients every year, but it has honed its own robust design process which serves as the basis for the PDC design modules.  In fact, lead PDC facilitator and Resilience Hub founder Lisa Fernandes is currently writing a book on this Permaculture Design Process.

Learning Design Skills During the PDC

Small Design Exercises – We will be dipping our toes into the water of design by breaking down the design process and skills into smaller individual and group exercises during the first few weekends of your course.  This will allow you to accrue skills and confidence gradually over the duration of the course.

Follow-Along-At-Home Design Skills

Every homework assignment will include practice design exercises for you to apply to your own home, homestead or any other property that is easily accessible to you.  Again, this will allow you to practice — and actually do! — a design process for a property of interest to you.  Students who commit to these assignments throughout the duration of the course end up with the lion’s share of a complete permaculture design completed for their own subject property by the time the course ends!  Assignments are brought into class for optional feedback and coaching from course facilitators (who are experienced, professional designers).

Final Weekend – Full Practice Desing Project

For our final 3-day weekend, you will work with others on creating a full design for a real-live client in the community where we are based.  Working with a team to take advantage of the variety of skills and knowledge distributed among your classmates, you will create a full-sized plan view drawing of the design site, several detail drawings, and complete written report narrating your findings, design ideas and additional helpful resources for the “client.”  It’s hard to imagine you will be able to do this if you’ve never designed anything before, but time and time again our PDC classes surprise and amaze us with the quality of their design ideas!  The final weekend is explicitly structured to have a supportive and mentoring environment, in the spirit of practice and experimentation, and based on the belief that all participants have something to offer and share.