Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes vary by participant depending on their unique goals and the level of commitment they are able to give to the PDC while in progress (i.e. attendance, homework assignments, etc.). Those who apply themselves fully to the assignments will find this a very robust learning experience if that is what they seek.

What is the point of taking a PDC?

What do you “get out of it?” Some people enroll for personal enrichment and in order to get new skills, design their own home, homestead or project in a more ecologically sound and successful way.  Others are looking to enhance their professional credentials, either to enter a permaculture-oriented career or to bring permaculture thinking to a profession they are already pursuing.  Some want to farm better and become more resilient in the face of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns.  Many are looking for the inspiration to change careers or simply see the world differently.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Learning Outcomes

Gain a thorough understanding of permaculture origins, ethics, principles and design methodologies.

Enhance your ability to build soil, capture water, reduce energy consumption, generate energy, grow and store food, read the landscape and create edible perennial ecosystems.

Become a resource for your family and neighborhood, building resilience at the personal, household, enterprise and community levels.

Become connected to a vibrant professional and grassroots permaculture community.

Be able to approach any property and apply a permaculture design methodology and set of applied techniques to achieve increased resilience and true sustainability.

Learn how to start transforming even challenging properties into healthy, high-yielding systems of abundance that require little to no fossil fuels.

Change the way you view the challenges and gifts around you.

Be ready to create a livelihood or gain employment for yourself in permaculture or a related field.

Certification Requirements

In order to earn the Permaculture Design Course Certificate, each student must:

  • Attend 100% of class days (there may be an opportunity to make up a missed class – this needs to be arranged directly with the course facilitator). The final 3-day Design Practice weekend is mandatory for certification.
  • Participate in class exercises and “homework” assignments to the best of your ability. (Accommodations can be made for physical or mobility challenges).
  • Contribute ideas and work collaboratively during group design exercises.
  • Honor the class ethics and guidelines.
  • Demonstrate that learning has occurred during class exercises and during the final Design Practice Weekend.

Additional Pre- and Post-Course proficiency testing can be provided upon request to meet professional or G.I. Bill Funding requirements.