Justice & Equity

In recognition of historical injustices and inequities that have resulted in differences in wealth accumulation and differences in access to gainful opportunities over several generations, The Resilience Hub is committed to creating additional ways to afford our educational programs for audiences who have experienced some of these dynamics.  Of course, this isn’t the whole answer, but it is one of the steps that we are able to take at this time.

Personally and professionally we are undertaking to educate our own selves and our respective communities about these patterns and figure out ways of undoing them.

We acknowledge that as permaculture designers and land planners, residing in North American and being of European heritage, we are designing and installing permaculture systems on “stolen” land.  The systems of “ownership” and wealth accumulation we live with today were primarily made possible by exploitative and genocidal behaviors against people of color, first nations people and others.

We believe that undoing the destructive, exploitative and unfair systems built up over many generations and centuries is also part of the work of permaculture, of creating a just ecological culture for the future.  We invite you to join us in the rich work of figuring out the many expressions of how this can happen.

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