Fox Field Food Forest – “Tour of Draft Concept Design Sketch” [VIDEO]

The East Bayside Neighborhood Organization (EBNO) in Portland Maine received some funding a few years ago to design and install an edible landscape, or “food forest,” somewhere in the neighborhood.  The Resilience Hub was asked to help with a participatory design process which, given the location in one corner of Fox Field adjacent to the homes of Kennedy Park, made sense.

We helped convene design conversations with many people, groups and city departments to learn what everyone was most excited to see happen, what they wanted to see planted, what other “Features” they wished to see and what concerns they had about such a landscape.

Here is a little “video tour” of the DRAFT sketch.  Please remember…this is just a draft and we look forward to hearing what you as a resident, business owner or worker in East Bayside like about this design.

Please send your thoughts and feedback to Heather Foran at by September 25th if possible so that we can make revisions to the sketch, get required approvals and get ready for community work parties to start the installation of Phase One this fall if we can!