Meeting Design & Facilitation

IMG_3535Conversations that matter.  Engaging Meetings.  High-Performance Groups.  Actionable plans.  Resilient teams.

Do you want to support your team or group so that they can do their best work together?

Are you trying to do good work and make positive change in the world?

The Resilience Hub is available to design the best possible event to meet your goals in an efficient and effective way.

We can help design the right type of convening or event in order to get the results you need.  We can help design and craft “the invitation” to get the right people in the room, create effective meeting structures and agenda documents, facilitate the meeting itself and plan for effective documentation and follow-up.  Contact us today to schedule a discussion of your meeting design and facilitation needs!

Types of Events We Can Help Design and Facilitate:

Retreats of Any LengthIMG_3532

Board Meetings

Community Engagement

Conferences or Convergences

Business, Team or Group Development

Strategic Planning Processes

Network and Coalition Design & Development

Please note that because we are an educational organization, our lead facilitator may be shadowed and/or supported by a student or facilitator-in-training so that we can build professional skills and resilience in our communities.  Facilitation fees support this and other educational programming.

How We Facilitate

We tailor the style and design of our work to meet your specific needs and goals.  AND we are known for our specialty in participatory and engaging meetings and convenings.  You will benefit from our skill in creating events within which the wisdom and passions of the participants result in the best possible outcomes for all involved.

We are experienced in many event design and facilitation techniques.  While we won’t bring our meeting jargon into your event, we do draw from such disciplines as:

Open Space Technology

Art of Hosting (various patterns and practices)

Appreciative Inquiry

Permaculture (Ecological) Design

Our Maine-Based Facilitation Team

We are available throughout Maine and New England to support the needs of your team or your event.

We have the capacity to support everything from your next two-hour team meeting right up to the design and implementation of your three-day conference!

Contact us today to schedule a discussion of your meeting design and facilitation needs!