As expected, we try to harmonize the ethics of our work with the Permaculture Design Ethics.

Earth Care – Care for all earth systems and communities, starting with those right outside your door

People Care – Care of all people, including self and those closest to you

Fair Share / Future Care – Return surpluses back to Earth Care and People Care, for now and for future generations

There has been much written on the Permaculture Ethics that you can find elsewhere.  But, this goes far beyond “do no harm,” though that is important as well.  We are actively cultivating a set of ethical behaviors based on the premise of humans’ ability to be healing forces in the world.

Course Ethics

Currently, we are part of the ongoing development of regional standards of quality for permaculture education in our region.  Those standards will most likely include ethical considerations as well.  Until those standards are created and we have a chance to sign on, our personal ethical commitment builds on the permaculture ethics above.  Honesty, care, equity, humility, generosity and curiosity have been guiding milestones for our work in service to our community.

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