Course Agreements

If you enroll in one of our Permaculture Design Courses, we invite you to join us in practicing the creation of learning spaces based on the following guidelines, or “course agreements.”

Curiosity – An earnest interest in the knowledge, skills, opinions, and experiences of others.

Self-Care & Mutual Aid – That each of us will be aware of our own needs while together and that we will also maintain and support our classmates to feel comfortable and supported if necessary.

Generosity – Based on the belief that there is “more than enough” of what everyone needs, we can practice generosity of spirit and of material things whenever possible.  Permaculture helps us design a world based on the abundance of natural systems, within which we can let our natural inclination toward generosity lead the way (rather than scarcity thinking which leads us to a “not enough to share” way of living).

Inviting and Appreciating Difference – While there will be some “like-minded” people in any permaculture group, there will also be many differences in style, experience, health, ability, appearance, politics, spirituality…you name it.  We invite you to see this as an awesome richness that adds immeasurably to our individual and collective learning experiences.

Move up / Move Back – If you typically find yourself quite comfortable using your voice frequently in groups, please know that your ideas are truly valued AND we invite you to practice with a bit of “moving back” now and again, making space for other voices who are not as facile or comfortable in a group setting.  Lead with curiosity and humility to enjoy some surprising results and we will definitely find ways to hear your important contributions!  If you are less comfortable in group settings, not often speaking aloud, that is totally fine.  There is no requirement around this.  And we are committed to making space for all voices in whatever form suits you.

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