Cost Savings Ideas

After you’ve figured out your tuition tier based on our sliding scale, you may still be interested in finding creative ways to reduce or cover the cost of your Permaculture Design Course.

  1. If you’re seeing this early enough, a work-study position may still be available (but we only offer one or two of these spots per course).
  2. If you are a person of color, a first nations person or an LGBTQI person, you might be able to get one of our Solidarity Pricing spots.
  3. If you are a member of Hour Exchange Portland, we can accept up to 10 “time dollars” (that’s 10 hours of your time) toward a $200 tuition reduction.  This is, essentially, an alternative work-study program.
  4. Register and pay your full tuition prior to the “early pricing” deadline (about 8 weeks before class starts) to get $100 off the regular price.
  5. If 2 or more people register from the same household, we can reduce both tuitions by 10%.
  6. Your employer may offer professional development funds to cover continuing education like a PDC.  Several of our past students have been reimbursed partially or fully by their employers.
  7. MOFGA & NOFA Journey Persons can typically qualify to use their educational funds toward a PDC.  Inquire with your MOFGA/NOFA contact person.
  8. Consider becoming a “Community Supported Permaculture” Designer or Educator.  Raise funds via one of the online fundraising websites and offer “rewards” to your donors such as an Intro to Permaculture workshop that you’ll teach after your PDC or a design consultation for their properties or something else…. Many students have had success with this technique to raise part, if not all, of their PDC tuition.  Here is a sample fundraising letter that you can use as a basis for making your own “request” to your community.

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