Attendance Policy

Each Permaculture Design Certification is its own unique educational event with its individual set of student, resource, and content flow dynamics.  The syllabus can shift a bit from course to course, and course content is never repeated in exactly the same way for every class.  The energy, space and resources allotted to each class are unique to each class.  This unique quality is largely in response to the logistics involved in organizing class spaces, field trips, guest speakers, weather variables, group dynamics of each course etc. While there is some traditional “lecture” and slideshow content, more than half of the in-class time is made up of group and participatory activities.

Certificates are not automatically granted when course attendees pay their tuition. Graduates must demonstrate competencies through the final design practice weekend (last 3 days of the course) and must attend 100% of all in-class sessions.  

A make-up assignment for a missed day can be arranged with the instructor if it is completely unavoidable due to sickness or other schedule conflict.  However, no more than 15% of class hours shall be missed.  For example, for a 13-day course, no more than 2 days can be missed if you wish to receive a certificate.  Attendance is required for the entirety of the final design weekend in order to receive a PDC certificate.  

If course participants have a pre-existing engagement (such as a wedding or graduation) on any course dates, arrangements can be made if we know about it at least 14 days in advance of the start of the course.  Custom homework assignments can be created to make up missed class time, and will be designed on an individual basis, as long as the absence does not exceed 2 class days.