The Art of Collaborative Leadership in Uncertain Times

A seaside weekend workshop in Saco, Maine (November 10-12, 2017)

It’s more important than ever to pay attention to ~how~ we work together, not just ~what~ we are trying to do together.

Design and convene conversations that matter.  Go beyond “outreach” to engagement and participation.  Shift from “facilitation” to hosting & harvesting results while building skills and leadership capacity.

The Resilience Hub is pleased to be returning to the beautiful Ferry Beach Association to offer the next iteration of participatory design and capacity-building training:  The Art of Collaborative Leadership – A Weekend Workshop in November of 2017.

This immersive weekend workshop will allow you to experience and practice a set of simple, yet powerful, processes for building community, facilitating powerful conversations, building strong partnerships, and manifesting change in line with your values. Come explore how to unleash our collective genius and build adaptive and leader-full communities.

Rooted in the patterns and practices of the Art of Hosting, this event teaches a participatory and collaborative approach for leading, convening, and engaging groups. The practices begin with being present and hosting one’s self; from there we participate in learning conversations, hosting and convening conversations, and co-creating (initiatives, change, teams, resilience networks, etc.).

Why Art of Hosting?

• Connect with other leaders of the sustainability and resilience movements and explore how we can work more powerfully together.

• Broaden the skill-set within your group, work more effectively and enjoyably together, engage teams, organizations, and community stakeholders in meaningful conversations that promote resilience, belonging, innovation, and contribution.

• Enhance our skills and abilities to work with complexity, develop confidence, face challenges that don’t have easy solutions, use wise process planning architectures for small and large scale initiatives, and host strategic conversations over time.

• Imagine and plan for how we can use these practices in our individual and collective work in the months and years ahead.  Grow your facilitation and hosting practice and try something new!

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and teams who are eager to build more effective teams and partnerships with each other and within their communities should attend. People who are dedicated to creating many facets of resilient and sustainable communities from food and agriculture, permaculture, community organizing and activism to new economy and sustainable enterprises should attend. People who want to learn and share experiences and models for scaling out through building learning networks and core teams.

Community leaders, social entrepreneurs, organizers, young leaders, policy makers, sustainable business leaders, and practitioners who believe in the power of collective creativity, intelligence, and collaboration to improve their communities, teams, and organizations will benefit from this work.

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Sliding scale pricing is based on either total household income or your business/organization’s annual budget.

People of color, first nations people and LGBTQI people are encouraged to inquire about one of our Solidarity Pricing spots.

There are a limited number of work-study positions available.

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