Hosting & Training Team

The Art of Collaborative Leadership in Uncertain Times

A seaside weekend workshop in Saco, Maine (November 10-12, 2017)

Your hosts and trainers for this experience will be comprised of both visiting international trainers – Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel – as well as your local organizers and hosts – Lisa Fernandes, Jesse Watson and Kate Wallace.

Together we seek to grow our regional capacity for participatory leadership, collaborative skills and democratized design of our shared future!

Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel

Jerry and Kathy are pioneering work on Worldview Intelligence. The innovative, thoughtful approach they have developed to understanding the impact of worldview on how we each see and interact with the world around us has been well received in a variety of business and community environments, as a general practice and to advance specific issues.

Jerry received his PhD from Tilburg University in the Netherlands in 2015. His research and dissertation on Worldviews forms a strong foundation for the Worldview Intelligence work. Recognizing the profound impact of worldview exploration on the quality of conversations on issues that matter, he and Kathy have developed Worldview Intelligence programs for specific clients and as general offerings in the Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. They are currently co-writing their first book on Worldview Intelligence.

Their work with clients and stakeholders includes community and cross-cultural engagement, strategic direction, innovation and building team coherence in traditional organizations in the private, public and not for profit sectors, across systems in rural, urban and suburban settings, with social entrepreneurs, across generations and in culturally specific circumstances in Canada, the US, Brazil, France, Belgium and Bermuda.

They are both practitioners and stewards of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, partnering on consulting and training work since 2011. Kathy’s company, Shape Shift Strategies Inc, is based in Bedford, NS. Her memoir, Embracing the Stranger in Me: A Journey to Openheartedness, has been hailed as a deeply authentic sharing of the journey that has shaped who she is today. She is also a contributing author to Gift of the Hit.

Jerry is President of the Meadowlark Institute, based in Minnesota, an organization committed to developing individual and collective capacity to be flexible during times of rapid change, to be comfortable with uncertainty, to hold multiple points of view simultaneously, and engage in meaningful conversations with those who hold different traditions, values and goals.

Lisa Fernandes

Lisa Fernandes is the founder and Director of The Resilience Hub in Portland Maine.

She is an experienced facilitator and permaculture designer/educator who believes that the strategies of resilience-building, re-skilling and re-localization are among the best we have for creating vibrant communities and for navigating future challenges. She appears in the film “Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective.”

Lisa has sat on the boards of the Eat Local Foods Coalition (ELFC), the Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN), the Grantmaking Committee of the New England Grassroots Environment Fund and on the Advisory Panel for Green & Healthy Maine Homes magazine. She has been active in the Portland Mayor’s Initiative for Healthy Sustainable Food Systems, MOFGA’s Ag Services Committee, the Portland Food Coop, Hour Exchange Portland and is a Master Food Preserver and Master Composter.

Lisa attended Boston College and The Evergreen State College and has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors, including several years owning a software design firm with more than 100 client companies across the region.

Lisa and her family are actively converting their 1/3 acre property into a demonstration site for resilient and abundant “post fossil fuel” living.  In 2017, Lisa is writing the book “Co-Create! A Permaculture Design Manual for Groups and Community Projects.”

Jesse Watson

Jesse Labbe-Watson came to permaculture by way of the movements for social and environmental justice.  His first introduction to the concept was in a convergence space during the WTO ministerial meetings in Seattle 1999.  After a brief apprenticeship in natural building at Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina, Jesse formally studied permaculture with Charles and Julia Yelton at the Newforest Institute and Humustacia Gardens.  He graduated from their Advanced PDC in October 2008, with Lisa Fernandes as part of the teaching team.  He has gone on to start a permaculture landscape design and construction firm in the Midcoast area.  He has designed and built systems for private residents, market gardens, farmers and non-profit organizations since 2009.  He was a principal logistics coordinator for the 2010 and 2014 Northeast Regional Permaculture Convergence hosted at the MOFGA fairgrounds.  He currently serves as president of the board of PAN – the Permaculture Association of the Northeast.  Since 2012 he has partnered with The Resilience Hub to offer Permaculture Design Certification courses in Maine and Boston.  Jesse brings an artist’s paintbrush, a philosopher’s pedantry, a tracker’s attention to detail and a holy fool’s comedic relief to the company he keeps.  He lives with his young family in Rockland on their one-acre demonstration site that incorporates small scale agroforestry, annual and perennial polycultures, small livestock and nursery production.

Jesse’s lineage of study includes: permaculture design, holistic management, keyline design, the Regrarians farm planning platform, master gardener certification, construction trades, primitive and aboriginal skills, botany, art, philosophy, psychology, meditation, labor and community organizing.

Kate Wallace

Kate wears a number of different professional hats that are seasonal and varied. Spring and fall have her busy at Fedco, a worker-owned cooperative specializing in hardy perennial plants, seeds and bulbs. In summer she co-manages the Maine Fiddle Camp kitchen, designs and installs permaculture landscapes, and focuses on collecting and growing herbs for Brown Bag Herbals, her small business that produces salves and tinctures. She spends winters at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen in Portland, organizing volunteers to cook and redistribute perfectly edible food which would otherwise be thrown away. Before returning to Maine, Kate traveled around the world playing music on the street with her duo Bunny Ears and the Tango. She has always been intrigued by the dynamics of human relationship and culture, and is excited to be part of bringing the Art of Hosting training back to Maine.

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