When you enroll in one of our PDCs, your “Welcome Packet” will include details on food, accommodation and much more.  In general, we offer both camping and “commuter courses.”  There are never any extra charges for camping.

Summer Courses and Camping

Some of our courses are held in places where we can camp out for the weekend if desired.  For example, many of our summer courses held on the MOFGA campus have been that way.  When camping is available, there is no extra charge. We will provide details on alternative accommodations nearby or help organize homestays with members of the permaculture community.

Winter and Other “Commuter” Courses

Because our courses are designed to be accessible to the local communities in which they are held, many people commute to each day of the PDC and sleep in their own beds at night!  Our Boston PDC and our Winter Maine PDCs are like this.   If you are driving from a distance, we can help organize local homestays even for a “commuter” course.

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