About the Resilience Hub

Why Resilience?

We don’t know what the future might hold for ourselves and our communities.  Creating resilient and durable systems that can respond and adapt to changes is one of the most sound strategies we can adopt in our lives, our businesses, our neighborhood and in our organizations.

If a variety of factors – such as climate change, peak oil, economic volatility – are coming together in unforeseeable ways, how might we best navigate through whatever comes to pass?

Or, to put it another way, how might we best design our systems to give people and our communities the best chance of an abundant, peaceful and resilient future?  That future is one in which we have embedded our own health and happiness in the health and vibrancy of the natural ecosystems in which we live – as they are intrinsically connected and cannot truly be de-linked from one another.

And if it turns out that those challenges don’t come to pass, what’s the downside of our work?  We still will have built thriving and healthy abundant landscapes and vibrant local communities!

Read more about resilience and, especially, adaptive resilience (so that any disruption allows our systems to evolve).