Changes at The Resilience Hub!

From founder and director Lisa Fernandes:

To all Resilience Hub Friends, Members & Participants,

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a position at the UNH Sustainability Institute as Communication Director for Food Solutions New England starting in March. More details to come but this work will allow me to leverage my experience & skills in service to our entire region. If you don’t already know about Food Solutions New England, check out the link below.

I will shift into an active board member role for The Resilience Hub, supporting my current co-workers and other members of the local permaculture community to develop the next iteration of what the Hub might want to be.  I will still teach Permaculture Design Course weekends through the summer as well, so no change there for the moment. I continue to love the work that has evolved at The Resilience Hub and, no matter what happens, will always be proud of it and the lifelong friends I’ve made there.

It’s amazing to think back on all the developments that came out of the Portland Permaculture Group and, after that, The Resilience Hub over the past thirteen years!  More than 800 events organized, nearly 2900 members, more than 20 permaculture courses with hundreds of graduates, hundreds of design clients, dozens of permablitzes…. plus so much more that we can only guess at.  I am so proud of the work of our community as catalyzed by The Resilience Hub.

So, in summary, I’m not disappearing and I’m still thrilled to be part of The Resilience Hub community as it evolves, but my day-to-day efforts will shift to regional food system work with Food Solutions New England.  Wish me luck and stay in touch as the Hub moves into its next phase!


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