Permaculture Site Consultations Anyone?

vert_angle_deg=-3.4 / horiz_angle_deg=-3.1There are five of us working at The Resilience Hub now, designing, teaching, organizing, etc. And with so many awesome designers around, I personally don’t get out to as many client consults as I used to.  But I do love doing it and keeping my hand in.  So today I had a fabulous treat of being able to get out on a gorgeous fall sunny day in Maine to walk around a client/friend/student’s property and brainstorm design ideas for her place. Without saying as much, we talked zones, sector influences, stacking functions, perennial edible ecosystems, rainwater collection, relative location and more.

It sure is a joy to have design conversations with “clients” who have already gone through a robust permaculture awareness-raising process! It makes the design work so much more cooperative and enjoyable for all.  The client receives a substantial list of written recommendations and ideas at the end of the consult and the designer gains more experience applying the permaculture ethics and principles to another unique landscape.

Who do you know that needs a two-hour design consult before the snow flies?



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