Plant seeds for the Resilience Hub’s future!

An open letter to the Resilience Hub community.

Resilience: the ability to withstand and/or bounce back from shock or disruption


Hail to the 1 Percent

Are we Sheeple, or people? You may not know that the Resilience Hub (aka Portland Permaculture Group) is one of the largest meetup organizations in Maine. With 2,933 members, the only group I could find that’s larger is an “outdoor adventures” group....

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Gadget for Soil Testing

I came across this interesting invention that the designer claims will  analyse your soil and tell you which plants will grow there. The video is worth watching just for the fun value. If you’re a bit skeptical about the technology (and I’m right there...

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Can Portland Become Food-Forest Friendly?

The edible landscape promise of Portland is ripe for revolution. There used to be nothing rebellious about planting seeds every which-where.  Remember the stories of Johnny Appleseed, the folk hero who walked across the country, sowing apples for all to enjoy? He...

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Workshops and Events

The Resilience Hub has been hosting events, skillshares, movie nights, workshops, potlucks and more since 2005. Get involved by joining our mailing list and 2900+ person Meetup group.

Permaculture Design Course

The 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course can be a life-changing experience. The Resilience Hub has led over 20 PDCs. Learn about upcoming courses here.

Portland Maine Permablitz Network

Want to get your hands dirty, meet great people, and learn permaculture techniques? Join us as we approach our 8th season organizing Permablitzes.